Yamaha DX7 | TX816 | TX802

The Yamaha DX7 is an FM synthesizer introduced in 1983. It has 16 voices of polyphony and operates at 12-bit/49.096 kHz resolution. The TX816 (1984) is a rack mount synthesizer with up to 8 DX7 sound modules operable from one MIDI input. The DX7 mk2 (1986) is 2-part multi-timbral, and operates at 16-bit resolution. The TX802 (1987) is a rack mount version of the DX7 mk2 and is 8-part multi-timbral.

Yamaha DX7

The DX7 was the first commercially successful digital synthesizer, and was one of the bestselling synthesizers in history with over 200,000 units sold. It was also one of the first synthesizers to implement MIDI, which was still in development at the time of its release. It excelled at creating percussive, metallic, plucked and reed sounds, but could also create convincing versions of analog classics. As its operation was more complex than analog synthesizers, most users relied on factory presets & aftermarket patch libraries rather than programming their own sounds.

These now-iconic sounds were used by countless artists from the mid-80's through the early 90's, including A-ha, Alexander O'Neal, Al Jarreau, Babyface, Beastie Boys, Berlin, Billy Ocean, Bob James, Bon Jovi, Brian Eno, Bruce Hornsby, Chicago, Chick Corea, Cherrelle, Commodores, The Cure, Cyndi Lauper, Depeche Mode, Dire Straits, Elton John, Elvis Costello, Enya, George Michael, Genesis, Hall & Oates, Harold Faltermeyer, Herbie Hancock, Howard Jones, Kate Bush, Keith Sweat, Kenny Loggins, Kool & the Gang, Janet Jackson, Jan Hammer, Kraftwerk, Level 42, Lionel Richie, Loose Ends, Luther Vandross, Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Mr. Mister, New Order, Nu Shooz, Pet Shop Boys, Prince, Phil Collins, Philip Glass, Peter Gabriel, Queen, Rick Astley, Rush, Sade, SOS Band, Starship, Steve Winwood, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Supertramp, Tangerine Dream, The Talking Heads, Tears for Fears, Thompson Twins, Tina Turner, Toto, Vangelis, Whitney Houston, and Yes among others.

This page contains patch banks for the DX7, TX816 and TX802 in SysEx format. All archives are complete collections, checked and labeled for accuracy. Many thanks to Bobby Blues for his work in documenting thousands of commercial sounds on his DX7 page, which was an invaluable resource while compiling these banks.  Please note that these sounds require the original hardware or a VST emulation to play.

Factory Patches

Factory ROM 1-4 (256 patches) and VRC-Series 1-12 (768 patches).

Aftermarket PAtches

100 Voices for the DX7 volumes 1-4 (400 patches) and 600 Voices for the DX7 (600 patches).
KV Series 1-6 (384 patches).
Bo Tomlyn banks 1-9 (576 patches).
Keyboard Magazine bank (4 patches).
Volumes 1-3 (96 patches).
DX-ROM 512 banks A1-D4 (512 patches).
E! disks 1-7 (224 patches).
TF1 Collection 1-32 (1,024 patches).
Super ROM banks 1-16 (512 patches).
Volumes A-I (288 patches).
Super ROM banks A-B (64 patches).
MR-2 music packs volumes 1-2 (128 patches).
Set #1 (4,009 patches) and Set #2 (2,216 patches).
Banks 1-16 (512 patches)
Banks 1-8 (256 patches)
HYPRA-ROM banks A1-D4 (1,024 patches).
Volumes 1-3 (96 patches).
Sound banks 1-9 (288 patches).
Voice Data 128 banks A-D (128 patches).
Banks A-D (128 patches).
Banks 1-114 (6,432 patches).
Banks 1-2 (64 patches).
Banks A-D (128 patches), programmed by Cosmo Watts.
Sound Packs 1-4 (256 patches), programmed by Scott Verrett.
Banks 0-9 (320 Patches) and Marshall Otwell banks (64 patches).
Banks 1-24 (757 Patches), programmed by Steven C. Streebing.

MIDI Quest Libraries

MIDI Quest allows you to label, organize, and search your sounds, which is invaluable when dealing with massive patch collections. Below are links to DX7 patch libraries in MIDI Quest format, with labels for sound type, author, ROM, and patch number. As labeling must be done manually, these libraries are only available for select patch banks.


Missing Sounds

We're looking for the following patch banks:

C-Lab Software (X-RAM 128), Comm Sci Corp., Data 1 (Volumes 1-4), Data Store (Volumes 1-6 & Volume S), Easy Sounds (Best DX-Collection & Super DX-Collection), FID Midisoftware (Sounddisk 1-3), Ishibashi (Sound ROM 2 & 3), Metra Sound (Mega ROM), MIDImouse Music (DX Journey, Pro-Sampler & Sonic Voyage), MusicData (TV & Film, Techno Studio/Live, & East Meets West), Skyslip (ROM 1-5), Sound Source Unlimited (0701, 0702 & 0705), SoundEngine, Sound Lab (Pro Vox), Sound Sources (ROM 128), Sound Vertrieb (MX1 06-09), and Ultraphonics Unlimited.

If you have any of these banks (or any sounds not listed here), please send an email to:

All sounds that are available for purchase have been linked to their official websites. If we've mistakenly hosted any sounds that are still for sale, send us an email and we'll redirect our link.

Software Tools

We recommend the following SysEx librarians:

Plogue has developed a bit-accurate VST emulation of the DX7 which is able to load patches via SysEx:

We also recommend Dexed by Digital Suburban, which is a free DX7 VST with SysEx compatibility:

Upgrades & Modifications

The DX7 (and its variants) can be upgraded by Jim Williams to reduce its noise floor:

The TX816 can be upgraded with a Synclavier power supply to remove buzz/whine and improve headroom:

Service & Repair

Syntaur and Vintage Synth Parts carry replacement parts for the Yamaha DX-series synthesizers. Syntaur and Vintage Synth Parts also carry parts for the TX-series.

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