Yamaha TX81Z

The Yamaha TX81Z is a rack mount FM synthesizer introduced in 1987. It has 8 voices of polyphony, is 8-part multi-timbral and operates at 12-bit/55.93 kHz resolution.

This page contains patch banks for the TX81Z in SysEx format. All archives are complete collections, checked and labeled for accuracy.  Please note that these sounds require the original hardware to play.

Factory Patches

Factory banks A-D (128 patches).

AfterMarket Patches

Essential Sounds volumes 1-8 (256 patches), programmed by Nick Longo.
TX81Z disk (300 patches).
Volumes 1-3 (128 patches).
TX81Z set (2,288 patches).
Banks 1-27 (864 patches).
Additional patches are available from G-Storm Electronica and Sound Engine.

MiDI QUest LIbraries

MIDI Quest allows you to label, organize, and search your sounds, which is invaluable when dealing with massive patch collections. Below are links to TX81Z patch libraries in MIDI Quest format, with labels for sound type, author, ROM, and patch number. As labeling must be done manually, these libraries are only available for select patch banks.


Missing Sounds

If you know of banks we're missing (or if you have any sounds not listed here), please send an email to:

All sounds that are available for purchase have been linked to their official websites. If we've mistakenly hosted any sounds that are still for sale, send us an email and we'll redirect our link.


We recommend the following SysEx librarians:


Syntaur carries replacement parts for the TX81Z.

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