Oberheim Matrix 6 | Matrix 6R | Matrix 1000

The Oberheim Matrix 6 is an analog synthesizer introduced in 1985. It uses 2 digitally controlled oscillators (CEM3396) per voice, and has 6 voices of polyphony. The Matrix 6R is a rack mount version of the Matrix 6 which retains all programming functionality. The Matrix 1000 (1987) is a rack mount version of the Matrix 6 which can only be edited via SysEx.

Oberheim Matrix 6

The Matrix 6 series are the last analog synthesizers produced by Oberheim before the company went bankrupt. They excel at brass, string, pad, and effect sounds, and utilize matrix routing for a wide range of modulation options (including FM). In this regard they're similar to the Matrix 12 & Xpander; however, the Matrix 12 series synths use VCO chips (CEM3374) while the Matrix 6 series use less expensive DCO chips. This made them more affordable at the cost of some sound quality and character. The Matrix 6 series also use membrane buttons in place of more tactile knobs and faders, making them less intuitive to program. Fortunately the series shipped with a massive library of factory presets showcasing the wide variety of sounds the synthesizers were capable of producing.

This page contains patch banks for the Matrix 6, Matrix 6R and Matrix 1000 in SysEx format. All archives are complete collections, checked and labeled for accuracy. Many thanks to Matt Haines at Synth Zone for compiling the factory patches for the Matrix 6, which I used to create this archive. Please note that these sounds require the original hardware to play.

Factory Patches

Matrix 6/6R factory patches (1,100 patches).

Aftermarket Patches

Matrix 6 soundbanks (100 patches).
Matrix Collection (100 patches).
Additional patches are available from AnalogAudio1, Citron and G-Storm Electronica.

Missing Sounds

If you know of banks we're missing (or if you have any sounds not listed here), please send an email to:

All sounds that are available for purchase have been linked to their official websites. If we've mistakenly hosted any sounds that are still for sale, send us an email and we'll redirect our link.

Software Tools

We recommend the following SysEx librarians:

RetroSound has created a patch book listing all original factory patches for the Matrix 1000:

Upgrades & Modifications

The Matrix 1000 suffers from a slow MIDI response to program & parameter changes, making it hard to edit the synth in real-time. An aftermarket OS has been released that solves this issue and adds a few new features. The EPROM is available for sale from Untergeek (European customers) and Tauntek (American customers).

Kiwi Electronics manufactures a modification board for the Matrix 1000 which allows for a more radical transformation of the synth's sound, and adds several new capabilities and modes.

Service & Repair

Syntaur and Vintage Synth Parts carry replacement parts for the Oberheim Matrix 6, 6R and 1000.

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