Drum Samples

We've extracted the sound data from vintage drum machines and sample libraries, and converted them to WAV format for use in modern productions. Note that these samples were not made by recording the samplers at their analog outputs; this is the digital data extracted bit-for-bit from the sample disks.

Sample Libraries

Akai SL100 Library (573 samples).
Akai CD-ROM Sound Library, Volume 2 (578 samples).
Ensoniq Factory Library, SLT Series, and Signature Series Libraries (954 samples).
Ensoniq Factory Library (34 samples).
Internal ROM Sounds and SN-R8 Expansion Cards (375 samples).
Roland RSB-50, RSB-550, and L-Series Libraries (209 samples).
Roland L-CDX-01 Library (1,143 samples).

Software Tools

We recommend the TAL-Sampler VST, as it contains accurate emulations of vintage sampling algorithms.